The “Acts” Job Support Group

The Acts Job Support Group ENERGY?

On Thursday, June 14, 2012 Resume Energy’s own, Kim Gardner, conducted the “Resume Tips and Tricks”, Resume Boot Camp Training session, at Washington Crossing’s United Methodist Church, located at 1895 Wrightstown Road in Washington Crossing, PA 18977.  The Job Support group is a vision of the paster, Mr. Pierre Ede.

The session was the first of a special Job Support group entitled: The A.C.T.S. Support Group. The group of people joined together for the purpose of supporting each other in seeking new employment.

The A in ACTS stands for accountability. We have been privileged to use one of the industry’s best tracking tools to help people stay focused in their job hunt.

The C stands for community. We will look to support one another, encourage one another and also to network with one another to provide helpful leads, tips and tricks.

The T stands for training. Each week we will provide one training component to assist job seekers in their search. For example, in one week we will look at resume pointers and in another week we will discuss how to hone your “elevator pitch”.

 The S stands for spirituality. We believe that a healthy job search involves a quality relationship with other people and with God.

Each session will begin with an opening prayer and some encouraging words from the Bible. We welcome people from all religious backgrounds or no background at all. We’ll make you feel at home.

Dates: Thursday, June 14th “Resume Tips &Tricks (Bring a Copy of Your Resume with Kim Gardner) of “Resume Energy”

June 21st “Networking Your Way to New Employment (Guest: Carl Richards)

June 28th “Turning Interviews into Offers” (Guest: John Hadley)

Thursday July 5th “To be determined

One blessed and very happy attendee, won a free Resume Makeover!

To keep the momentom going, Resume Energy’s, Kim Gardner will present the Resume Tips and Tricks Workshop in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on June 29, 2012, and on this blog on July 9, 2012.

My Best Regards!


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