7 thoughts on “TESTIMONIALS

  1. Hi, my name is Natalie. There is a time for everything and I believe theclarityincommunication was created at the right time. I have searched and posted my traditional chronological resume on various employment websites and no employer has responded. My resume was okay but it needed to stand out, especially in today’s competitive job market. With the help of theclarityincommunciation my resume was updated to a “SMART RESUME”. Now my resume has YES is ENERGY! I emailed my resume on Thursday April 25, 2012. On Monday April 30, 2012 I received an email and a phone call from two employers to schedule an in person interview for Wednesday May 5, 2012. The interview went well and the employers want me to work for them ASAP.

    • Thank you for such a wonderful testimonial, Natalie. But, what you didn’t share is that you too had a lot of “yes” energy during the process. You agreeably listened to the coaching and nudging. You changed your conversation about your career goals, and you used your faith and determination to get dressed for success, and effectively interview that day. We worked as a team and made it happen. Did you know that there is power in a team? Unfortunately, there are so many job seekers out there doing this all by themselves.

      Thanks again for this wonderful testimony. Resume Energy has a gift for you. You are now entitled to Lifetime Database storage of your smart resume, Lifetime consultation with a Resume Energy Coach, and unlimited revisions to your smart resume!

      My best regards to you and your new career!

  2. My name is Robert Harper and I recently graduated from college and had my resume done and reading it made me feel better looking at my skills articulated in a manner which made me feel that i was qualified for almost anything thank you so much

  3. Robert, you are indeed qualified to do anything that you want to do. I just took the information you provided, and strategically placed it on a white piece of paper; so we are in agreement, it’s time to let your career unfold.

    I have two pieces of advice. You are a young man who was born in an age of awesome technological advances. What a blessing to be able to email or upload a resume onto a website. No more licking stamps, writing out envelopes, and going to the post office, etc. However, your career search should not be done 100% online. A balanced career search is done both online and OFFLINE.

    You have a wonderful document that will open doors, but you may have to actually pick up a phone and make some cold calls to companies (Hidden Job Market) you wish to work for, or are you ready, even walk into a company or agency, and personally knock on a door and actually given them your resume. Don’t get alarmed, one good thing, you are a Resume Energy client for life, and I am available to coach you through this process. Just pick up the phone and give me a call.

    Again, thanks for the opportunity to help you!!!

  4. Hola to all,

    I want everyone to know how blessed I was to meet Kim and ResumeEnergy!!! Due to a possible loss of 1/2 of our revenue, our ministry might be forced to eliminate a few jobs, mine being one of them. This is not an easy time for any of us when this news is given.

    Kim has a great business …to help others with the comfort we all receive from above. She must sleep well at night knowing she helped a person or family to keep a home, feed a family, and have medical care…all by helping each of us find the next job God has planned for us.

    Kim was professional, happy, VERY encouraging, and full of ENERGY …and has great ideas!!! She helped my resume truly go to the next level. I highly recommend her services and when you move ahead with Kim, remember you are helping her sleep at night since she receives so much satisfaction from helping others…and you will now be equipped and ready to share your gifts as you move to your next work assignment!!!

    I know God will bless her efforts and all she touches!!! FINALLY, HAVE YOU EVER MET HER MOM OR SISTER??? AWESOME FAMILY!!!

    Lord bless Kim, her family, her business and all who read this!!!

    Jim Best

    • When I met James at the Job Support Group, he asked me without a hesitation, to help remake and energize his resume, his words: “it’s God’s work”. How eloquent and correct he was with that statement. We each have a gift and a talent, which are indeed God’s gifts to us. All you have to do is follow your passion and you will indeed meet some of the BEST people in the world. May God continue to bless and prosper the BEST family!

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