Job Changer Energy?

Each and every time I work with a group of job changers, I am over whelmed with their feelings of fear, doubt, and with their questions on how to simply manage all the change they are feeling. Yes, all are normal, all are understood, and all are part of the human experience. We know this; we understand this, but when those feelings are all happening to a person at the same time, life can be horrible. Even the simple acts we take for granted, going to bed, and even waking up in the morning can be difficult. This is why I coach. When this is happening to you, you are in desperate need of both practical and spiritual tools to shed light on what’s really happening to you. It is a reset button. I am Kim Gardner, my passion, empowering and inspiring others, my goal, to help my community get back to work, my path Resume Energy coaching. I am Kim Gardner, Intuitive Career Coach.


Laughter Energy?

Business people-showing teamwork

Why can’t you just laugh at your problems?

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Laughter feels so good, fun, wonderful, and energizing, doesn’t it? Job seekers, when was the last time that you laughed?

Recent health studies have shown that for just one minute of LAUGHTER your immune system will boost for 24 hours. But one hour of ANGER can depress your immune system for the next six hours.  Wow. Sure makes you want to laugh more, right?

But sometimes life and its worries steal our laughter, bad news, debt, illness, and worry. 

Remember how easy it was as a child to laugh about anything; a person tripping, a funny face, your little brother or your sister.  But as adults, we would rather suffer from panic attacks and take medication, when it’s so much easier to be carefree and laugh at all of our worries and concerns.  Who will pay the mortgage, LOL, I don’t know and don’t care!

What about finding my future spouse? LOL, who needs one, they are more work then help.

How can I fix my kids’ problems, LOL, you won’t be the first parent whose child went crazy, lol.

I know I was a bit silly in responding to these very serious life situations, while I was laughing, for that hot second, I really didn’t care. For that hot second, I shifted my thoughts, and it felt good.

That’s one way of taking your mind off of your problems job seekers. 

According to Psalm 2:4 it describes God’s attitude toward His enemies: “The One enthroned in heaven laughs; the Lord scoffs at them.” Can you imagine God laughing, what a wonderful image.

So take a minute to laugh at your current troubles, because they too will soon come to an end. 

In the meantime, give it a try, and laugh off whatever worries may come your way today.

My Best Regards!

Journal Writing ENERGY?


During this blog I really want to emphasize how unique and special you are, because for many of us, it has been a rough week, uploading resumes, interviewing, and waiting for that call. “THERE IS NO ONE LIKE YOU” and if no one has NOT told you this today, let me be the first: to all my women listeners, you are beautiful; to all the men you are handsome, a and to each and every one of you reading this blog, you are magnificent, talented, and gifted, and Resume Energy, and the Clarity in Communication Project is here to help and support you.

The table has been set, and I would like to talk about the power of transformational writing. I am beginning here because typically when I provide one on one coaching sessions, a journal is given to you on your second session with me.

It is so important for you to realize that if you are having any doubt and lack any confidence about your job search, it shows up. This is what my clients have taught me. Getting a new job involves more than polishing off your resume and putting on a new suit or dress.

More important than networking and setting up a LinkedIn account is all your thoughts about “YOU” during this entire process. I know I am not the first to say this, but when things are not working out in our lives, what we usually do is try and fix first, what we can see. We get a haircut, dye our hair, go to the gym and plan to finally lose that weight. We go shopping for new clothes, and so many other things we begin, because it’s always easier to FIX the outer you first. But that is not where we really need to begin. We must do inner work, because transformation of any kind beings internally.

Are you ready to experience this “career miracle”? Follow this question and see where it takes you. Have you ever, ever told yourself that you are the best job seeker, or job searcher, (whatever you call yourself) “collecting unemployment” in the world? I bet no one has ever said that to themselves. Go ahead and say it please, repeat after me. I am the best job seeker in the world. Say it again. I am the best job seeker in the world. This is an affirmation. Affirmations are positive statements that can help you create joyful, abundant life experiences with every word, and thought. When these statements are often repeated, they get impressed on the subconscious mind, and consequently, trigger it into positive action. If you follow me, you will soon learn about their affect. I am not going to talk about the power of affirmations today, but this process is essential to changing your belief about what is going on in your life right now.

First of all the words, “unemployed” create images and feelings of being victimized or being unworthy in everyone’s mind. I know that you have been tough on yourself for losing your job, and so are the media, the job boards, the unemployment office, your spouse, your mother, your family, your relatives, your emails, and even your bank account. You have been beaten up, I understand. And believe it or not, you need a significant amount of encouragement and support. Here is my coaching advice to you:
You need to stop right now, and honor you for all that you’ve done and accomplished so far in your career. You need a cleansing. You need to be in the presence of some good feelings again. Now these good feelings unfortunately, can’t come from your husband; or partner, your children, or that loving pet. They can’t even come from a walk in the park or on the beach. It has to come from deep inside you. You are most likely burnt out. You need to improve your relationship with yourself, or some might even say, improve and raise your personal vibrational level or “career frequency”, a new term I am coining. I believe that you have a “career frequency” that is much like a setting. And that this frequency dictates the job you get and how soon it comes. Simply adjusting this frequency is a tool that you can use, daily to go inside yourself, that has the power to completely transform your life. I used this tool when I lost those contracts I talk about, and I suggest that all my clients use it, because I firmly believe that real transformation begins where, “from the inside”. No, I didn’t get those exact contracts back, but once I used this tool, I upgraded my career. Look at me. I am a radio host, a career coach.

Back in the day, most young girls were given this tool to process their thoughts. Our parents were so smart. They knew the power of daily writing in a journal or diary. They knew it was not just about keeping a record of our daily events –it was about processing and focusing our thoughts. I have prepared a laundry list of the benefits.
• Increased awareness
• Sharper focus
• Creative problem-solving
• Broader perspective
• Active thinking
• Empowers brainstorming
• Deeper level of analysis
• Stronger sense of self
• Generation of new ideas
• Clears the mind
• Life-changing potential
• Builds self-confidence
• Development of action plans
• Brings clarity of thought
• Greater honesty
• Self-paced learning
• Allows self-expression
• Integration of ideas, perspectives
• Uncovers unknown needs/wants
• Enhances self-expression
• Release of fears/tensions
• Awakens inner-self
• Stimulates self-growth
• Improved communications skills
• Better physical and mental health

So go and get yourself a blank book, it can have lines or it doesn’t have to, it can be plain or fancy. For my IPad/Iphone users there is a great “Secret Diary” app you can use that works wonderfully. Or you can just open a word document and sit down and write. There is no special way this should be done. But this is what I want you to do. Spend some time writing to yourself; writing only what is good and loveable about you. I want you to spend all week, until we meet again, writing only what is good and loveable about you. Not your husband or partner, or your children that you love.

Review this list of at least 21 things and then next week I want you to call me and tell me what marvelous event happened in your career search.

Over the upcoming weeks, we can take journaling and affirmations a bit further, but for now, all I want you to do is write about what is good about you. We have to rise how you feel about yourself, and this will do the job. You need a boost. (PAUSE) This simple activity will help you get back into the driver’s seat of your life. Read them each day to yourself. Post them where you can see them. Put them on your Facebook page, I don’t care. Just check in on that list each day until our next show. Make a promise to yourself. I guarantee you that by next week; a career miracle will have happened. We need a plan and structure to feel good about our self, during a job search. I want you to be passionate about you when you get out of bed in the morning. This is my coaching for you this week.

My Best Regards!

P. S.
Follow the link and listen to the archived Resume Energy Show. The first Resume Energy showed debuted, Monday, February 18, 2013. The shows are on “live” on Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. Eastern Standard time. Please follow the show and call her on that day at 347-826-7596 and join in!

Career Miracle ENERGY?

resume energy logo

For about year now Resume Energy has been attending job fairs throughout the Philadelphia area, providing free resume critiques. Often when we arrive at the job fairs, people are lined up in droves, waiting to have their resumes looked at.

But get this. One of the companies that host the job fairs was recently purchased by an even larger company, and the new company would rather POST “how to videos” for the unemployed, on their website, rather than sponsoring more job fairs. That decision just didn’t resonate with me.

When I heard that I used Resume Energy’s twitter account for the first time, and I tweeted; “Even through this, something good will happen”. I was so disappointed. Job fairs are intended to be a “grass root” opportunity for the unemployed, not only do they bring hope to the people, but employers, to the communities. At the last job fair we attended, a company representative was standing at the job fair, handing out the company’s website information, on a card, for the job seekers to get this “upload” their resumes. They were not even taking them. What’s going on out there? Is this also happening to you? “The unemployed are becoming more and more isolated”, they really need someone to talk to.

So as I tweeted, something good did come out of that, I decided to use the air waves, and this remarkable technology, at blog talk radio, to actually critique resumes, and share my job search strategies or “career miracles” that I lovingly call them. These “career miracles” are both spiritual and practical. The goal of finding heart centered employment is the apex of my career coaching. I believe that we are all spiritual beings living in a physical universe, and we must live from love and open up our hearts. Many of us live too much in our heads. We need to get our heads and get our hearts and heads to work together. You can always check my “career miracles” against your own inner thoughts and feelings. If they don’t resonate with you, don’t use them. These “career miracles” have been used over and over again to help job seekers like you find heart centered employment.

Today’s job market is a living nightmare for some. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average time to find a job is now 33.6 weeks – that’s more than 8 MONTHS. Then add the advances in technology, job hunting has changed. In only 10-15 seconds, I said seconds, a resume must show Human resources, what they want to see and read.

Resumes today must be energized! Most companies, as you are aware, have a web page and an applicant tracking system (ATS) like Bullhorn to parse resumes. Recruiters are getting more and more creative with their sourcing techniques. In 2013, it is imperative to have an account on at least one of these networks (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) to raise your resume’s energy level.

Here’s what actually happened to me. I needed a career miracle. I woke up on Friday morning with a very lucrative contract that supplemented my income, and allowed me to have this “wonderful life”, and was told that evening, it was gone, done.
For those of you who know me personally, I am successful. I am accomplished. I don’t fail. (PLEASE this couldn’t be happening to me. I jumped in my bed, pulled up the blankets over my head, and had a pity party.

During that time of self pity, a little reflection and plenty of ice-cream and take out, I tapped into a power greater then my problem, and experienced my first “career miracle”. I first accepted my situation as one that I could not solve alone, and pleaded with God to help me. I did prayer rounds, created affirmations for employment, lit candles and wrote in my journal, and tapped into an arsenal of activities that I knew could help me.

I needed a partner, someone who could ease my pain and relieve my fear. I’ll never forget hearing those words whispered into my ear “you write a damn good resume”. Wow, that was true, almost 25 years ago I was one of the best resume writers and career coaches in South Jersey, and I just closed the door to that gift, believing that I needed more education, more degrees, and newer opportunities.
I had no idea how those words, and that time tapping into my spirit, would create this vision that is now propelling me forward. A vision filled with “career miracles” that I teach and use in the lives of my clients.

Those “career miracles” brought forth that part of me that was lying dormant, my courageous self; and my confident self. I want to teach them to you, so that you can land where you are hungry to go, finding your heart centered employment.

This is my coaching to you for today. The first career miracle is very simple. You must develop a spiritual partnership. You and I are both here to live our highest expression. We are both here to be our beautiful, empowered, sacred, without apology, without judgment or without explanation self. We must have inner peace to thrive. I am not telling you what to do; I am just telling you that you must have a regular spiritual practice.

I’ve also learned this and I must share this with you. Fear is all the undigested stuff from our past, and ALL JOBS ARE TEMPORARY. This will be my tweet after this show. ALL JOBS ARE TEMPORARY.
It is all your losses, your beliefs that you are not good enough, that you are not fast enough, that you are not this, nor that, that is fear! Fear tells you that you are incompetent.
Get this, if there is fear, doubt, worry, or resistance, you are trying to do or handle this job search or job loss situation alone, and you have lost your connection.

Being laid off, losing your job is a reset button. That allows you an opportunity to start fresh, to review, and to change. It is also an opportunity for you to surrender your life over to God, spirit, infinite love, divine power; divine love, Jehovah, Jesus, whatever you call it. Because when we are connected, we want for nothing. That’s another tweet!

Our “career miracle” is to bring light to fear and having a spiritual practice or partnership will do this. Having a spiritual practice teaches us how to embrace our fear, and to integrate our fear. I realized that it is okay to be afraid, we are all human. But being afraid and allowing it to control you or me is two separate entities. This is my first “career miracle”.
Let’s help you create your “career miracle”.

My Best Regards!

P. S.
Follow the link and listen to the archived Resume Energy Show. The first Resume Energy showed debuted, Monday, February 18, 2013. The shows are on “live” on Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. Eastern Standard time. Please follow the show and call her on that day at 347-826-7596 and join in!

Blog Talk Radio ENERGY?


Dear Family and Friends:

A New Blog Talk Radio Show “Resume Energy” with host Kim Gardner has hit the airwaves. Kim is an Intuitive Career Coach and new blogger, who promotes the empowerment of having a heart centered career, even in this “dumpster” economy. She has a lot to say. She wants to introduce you to her career seeking philosophy and help you create yours.

Want to achieve your deepest career desire? Need professional and career focus?

Join her and set your career goals in motion.

Follow the link below and listen to the archived shows. The first Resume Energy show debuted on Monday, February 18, 2013. The show runs live on Wednesday’s at 6:30 p.m. Eastern Standard time. Please stop in and list to the show. If you have a question, call her and maybe she can answer a question you have on their air! The number to dial in the United States is 347-826-7596.

My best regards!

Resume critique tips ENERGY?









I am overjoyed to write this post. I was working with a new client this week and I told him to go to my blog and review these tips, and guess what? They were not posted. So here they are Resume critique tips.

A resume must . . .
Show an employer that (you), the job seeker is worth much more to them (value) than they cost (salary and benefits)! A great resume should compel human resources to pick up the phone and call the (you) job seeker. Its content must be relevant to the reader. It should also provide quick insight into the (your) personality and drive to succeed. It must create an unsolicited demand for your skills. Here are Resume Energy’s Resume critique tips for 2013.

TIP # 1
The header is always the reader’s first impression. Similar to having on polished shoes, it should be in 18-20 fonts. Single Spaced!

TIP # 2
Never ever should (you) job seeker use a cheesy email address? You should use a professional sounding email address. If the resume still has this telephone format (856) 571-1507, you have just dated your resume style to 1989. Use the modern yet digital, phone-number format: 856.571.1507. Don’t forget you should also include your social media address. Just as employers use multiple avenues to push out job postings, (you) the job seeker need to use all the channels available to put yourself in front of recruiters. Using Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn as a means to give updates on your career or connect you with other professionals gives your résumé legs and can make you more memorable as a candidate.

TIP # 3
(You) Job seeker’s should avoid starting their resume with an Objective! Gone are the days of an “objective” statement. Instead, use a “Professional Summary” to list the qualities they can offer immediately to the prospective employer.

TIP # 4
Another great way to get a resume noticed is to use job titles or a job title bar. A title bar is a good choice because it is a list of three of their career experiences. They can also list their top three skills in a title bar, across the top of their resume.

TIP # 5
Learn from commercials: Be brief. A resume is a lot like a television commercial, and the job seeker is the product. They’ve got seconds to identify a problem they can solve; show your greatest attributes and to take action. No more than 10-12 years of work history should be included on a resume. Leave off job experiences that show more than those dates. Remind them that a resume is a living document that should be updated every two years!

TIP # 6
(You) job seekers must tailor your resume for each prospective employer. The same point applies to their cover letters. That is why they must have career focus, and use “key words” from the job lead.

TIP # 7
“Pobody’s Nerfect”! Having a poor design and layout, with careless inaccuracies is a no-no! A resume must be free from grammatical and typographical errors. Get someone to review and edit the resume before the job seeker applies for a job.

TIP # 8
Write the resume from your voice. You are not like everyone else. Find the precise words that describe what makes you unique and valuable.

TIP # 9
“References Available upon Request” This was often used as a way to end a resume, but it’s completely unnecessary. Of course you have references! Otherwise, they have no business applying for a job! The age-old “references available upon request” has become archaic. They should have solid references lined up from the get-go, so when the hiring manager asks for them, they are ready to share them.

TIP # 10
Yes, you need a cover letter, even when you are emailing a resume, posting it to a job board, or sending it electronically. A cover letter is the best place to introduce yourself, identify your goals, and briefly describe why you are a good fit for the position. A well-written cover letter is a sales tool that will ensure that the resume will be read.

For everyone who is looking for a job right now, may God be with you. You are in my prayers. I pray that you find that job as soon as possible, and that you are able to live a happy and fruitful life.

My Best Regards!

Vision Board ENERGY?

vison board 2013

What I am sharing with you is nothing new. I cannot take credit, nor do I want to take credit for creating such a life transforming activity. All I can say is that each year, when the new year begins, you can always find me sitting, cutting, and gluing pictures, words, and photos on a brand new piece of oak tag. I don’t know if it is the quiet and reflective time that I enjoy most, or if it is just feeling like a “little girl” again, sitting at my mother’s dining room table, creating an art project. But I always feel so wonderful after my vision board is done.

This year for 2013 I added a few lit candles and poured a glass or two, of my favorite wine, while preparing my vision board. Let’s say, I am so happy to have survived such a year. Looking back on 2012 I experienced the sudden loss of my young brother in law, “Chuck” and my beloved pet, “Kobe”. What a pill to swallow!

But as always, I believe that even though this something good will happen, so as I am always excited about the month of January, and the New Year, I eagerly set down to create my vision board 2013.
This year I decided that one board wasn’t enough, so I have and are creating two boards, one personally created for “me” and the other one for my business; Resume Energy and the Clarity in Communication Project. Here is some more info on the power of a vision board.

Vision boards have become a powerful part of my life. I have been using them for more than 25 years. You just take any kind of paper, I love buying “oak tag” or poster board, grab some old magazines, and get started. I believe that my vision board is a visual representation of my prayers for the year. As I sit there cutting, and pasting, I am putting my heart’s desires down, without any restraints; just words and pictures that mean something to me.
You can use travel magazines and/or books. The idea is that you create a board that has your deepest desires, things that you just love, things that inspire you, things that motivate you, and places that you want to go and be. But please don’t worry about how you are going to do them, have them, or achieve them.

I believe that the world instantly starts to reorganize once I glue those pictures on that board, because once there down, you will notice the opportunity to have the things that are appearing on your vision board.

Sometimes it is so amazing and just startling. The best example I recently had was when I saw, really saw, the picture in the center of my 2013 vision board that I started working on the first week of January 2013. If you look closely at my vision board, you will see a picture of a heart and a microphone. I love using the expression, “speak from your heart” and “follow your heart”. I had no idea when I cut that picture out; that it would mean much more than that. To all my followers, I am starting a heart centered radio talk show to help job seekers. Which I did exactly two days after cutting that picture out. If you look carefully at my vision board, you will see the picture I am talking about.

I also put words on my board to lay the foundation of what I want to build in my life. On my 2013 vision board, I used the months of the year to give me a monthly focus on the things I do and experience each month. You have two weeks to select books, magazines, drawings, or whatever resonates with you and create a new vision board. Then I want you to put it somewhere that you can see frequently. You don’t have to share it with me, but you can if you are lead to. I am a big fan of keeping secret your desires. I think it is important to protect the seeds of your heart desires until they have taken root, grown, and translated from the non physical to the physical and are viable That’s probably where that old saying comes from, watch who you tell your “business” too. So I protect my dreams and desires from anyone who may something that is not helpful to say. It is like planting a seed. You place it in the safety of the dirt, you water it, and tend to it, and once it grows, you place it for everyone to see. If you dug it up and didn’t water it, it would not have grown. So keep your secrets and look at it every day. Don’t have any expectations. I look forward to hearing about you finishing your board!

For everyone who is looking for a job right now, may God be with you. You are in my prayers. I pray that you find that job as soon as possible, and that you are able to live a happy and fruitful life. As always, if you want to talk with me personally about this topic, email me at, as my personal mission remains, to help you establish YOUR career focus.

My Best Regards!