Intuitive Career Coach and Freelance resume writer providing one-on-one resume assistance.  Specializing in co-creating resumes based on the laws of energy and principles of faith, confidence and certainty.  Kim Gardner has been a premier resume writer serving Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia markets for more than 25 years.  In addition to this blog, she maintains a physical location in South Jersey.

Extensive coaching, training and personal life experiences; coupled with working with consumers from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds who were about to make complex life changes, have certainly enriched my experiences and honed my skills.

Personal qualities include being a continual learner, practical, articulate, very bright and a natural teacher who is enthusiastic, passionate, persevering, warm and emphatic, and one that encourages creativity and innovation.  An insightful woman who naturally leans toward problem solving and getting to the heart of the matter, and most importantly, one who helps others gain insight into themselves, while maintaining a high level of personal integrity, always maintaining focus on the task at hand.

Psychologically healthy, positive and energetic is very comfortable working with clients at all levels of their careers, from entry level, to students, to upper management, up to and including retirees wanting to re-enter the workforce.

As far back as can be remembered there has always been a love for the power and energy of words. That love of words, of personal expression and the ability to communicate clearly is reflected in 18 plus years working professionally in the field of Communication Disorders and Science; with a Masters of Education and a Bachelors of Art Degrees.

Check out the Clarity in Communication’s- Resume Energy Word Press Blog
weekly at https://theclarityincommunicationproject.wordpress.com/.

Provide virtual services; so physical location in the U, S. is not important. Unlike other faceless career services- you will work directly with me and will have access to me throughout the process. Your file will NEVER be farmed out to another person.

If you need a competitive edge in this tight job market email me at resumeenergy@yahoo.com

My Best Regards,


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