Resume Energy?

What a wonderful day the Resume Energy Team had on Monday, at the 2014 Bucks County Job/Career Fair. We critiqued resumes, coached job changers, and discussed how using social media, can positively impact their job search. Not only did we share positive and practical strategies for the job search success, we all received spiritual guidance as well.

I pray and ask God for continued love, guidance, and support in helping all who attended, find meaningful work that will make good use of their skills and abilities. I pray that they stay positive, hopeful, and awake to new possibilities.

Yes, job loss is indeed a time to grieve, but the process can also be looked at as a “resent button”, and a time for wonderful change. May all who attended be free from fear of lack and limitation! I am Kim Gardner, my passion, empowering and inspiring others, my path, resume energy coaching. Why do this I am asked? I am doing what I love, and feeding my soul at the same time.