Job Changer Energy?

Each and every time I work with a group of job changers, I am over whelmed with their feelings of fear, doubt, and with their questions on how to simply manage all the change they are feeling. Yes, all are normal, all are understood, and all are part of the human experience. We know this; we understand this, but when those feelings are all happening to a person at the same time, life can be horrible. Even the simple acts we take for granted, going to bed, and even waking up in the morning can be difficult. This is why I coach. When this is happening to you, you are in desperate need of both practical and spiritual tools to shed light on what’s really happening to you. It is a reset button. I am Kim Gardner, my passion, empowering and inspiring others, my goal, to help my community get back to work, my path Resume Energy coaching. I am Kim Gardner, Intuitive Career Coach.


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