Journal Writing ENERGY?


During this blog I really want to emphasize how unique and special you are, because for many of us, it has been a rough week, uploading resumes, interviewing, and waiting for that call. “THERE IS NO ONE LIKE YOU” and if no one has NOT told you this today, let me be the first: to all my women listeners, you are beautiful; to all the men you are handsome, a and to each and every one of you reading this blog, you are magnificent, talented, and gifted, and Resume Energy, and the Clarity in Communication Project is here to help and support you.

The table has been set, and I would like to talk about the power of transformational writing. I am beginning here because typically when I provide one on one coaching sessions, a journal is given to you on your second session with me.

It is so important for you to realize that if you are having any doubt and lack any confidence about your job search, it shows up. This is what my clients have taught me. Getting a new job involves more than polishing off your resume and putting on a new suit or dress.

More important than networking and setting up a LinkedIn account is all your thoughts about “YOU” during this entire process. I know I am not the first to say this, but when things are not working out in our lives, what we usually do is try and fix first, what we can see. We get a haircut, dye our hair, go to the gym and plan to finally lose that weight. We go shopping for new clothes, and so many other things we begin, because it’s always easier to FIX the outer you first. But that is not where we really need to begin. We must do inner work, because transformation of any kind beings internally.

Are you ready to experience this “career miracle”? Follow this question and see where it takes you. Have you ever, ever told yourself that you are the best job seeker, or job searcher, (whatever you call yourself) “collecting unemployment” in the world? I bet no one has ever said that to themselves. Go ahead and say it please, repeat after me. I am the best job seeker in the world. Say it again. I am the best job seeker in the world. This is an affirmation. Affirmations are positive statements that can help you create joyful, abundant life experiences with every word, and thought. When these statements are often repeated, they get impressed on the subconscious mind, and consequently, trigger it into positive action. If you follow me, you will soon learn about their affect. I am not going to talk about the power of affirmations today, but this process is essential to changing your belief about what is going on in your life right now.

First of all the words, “unemployed” create images and feelings of being victimized or being unworthy in everyone’s mind. I know that you have been tough on yourself for losing your job, and so are the media, the job boards, the unemployment office, your spouse, your mother, your family, your relatives, your emails, and even your bank account. You have been beaten up, I understand. And believe it or not, you need a significant amount of encouragement and support. Here is my coaching advice to you:
You need to stop right now, and honor you for all that you’ve done and accomplished so far in your career. You need a cleansing. You need to be in the presence of some good feelings again. Now these good feelings unfortunately, can’t come from your husband; or partner, your children, or that loving pet. They can’t even come from a walk in the park or on the beach. It has to come from deep inside you. You are most likely burnt out. You need to improve your relationship with yourself, or some might even say, improve and raise your personal vibrational level or “career frequency”, a new term I am coining. I believe that you have a “career frequency” that is much like a setting. And that this frequency dictates the job you get and how soon it comes. Simply adjusting this frequency is a tool that you can use, daily to go inside yourself, that has the power to completely transform your life. I used this tool when I lost those contracts I talk about, and I suggest that all my clients use it, because I firmly believe that real transformation begins where, “from the inside”. No, I didn’t get those exact contracts back, but once I used this tool, I upgraded my career. Look at me. I am a radio host, a career coach.

Back in the day, most young girls were given this tool to process their thoughts. Our parents were so smart. They knew the power of daily writing in a journal or diary. They knew it was not just about keeping a record of our daily events –it was about processing and focusing our thoughts. I have prepared a laundry list of the benefits.
• Increased awareness
• Sharper focus
• Creative problem-solving
• Broader perspective
• Active thinking
• Empowers brainstorming
• Deeper level of analysis
• Stronger sense of self
• Generation of new ideas
• Clears the mind
• Life-changing potential
• Builds self-confidence
• Development of action plans
• Brings clarity of thought
• Greater honesty
• Self-paced learning
• Allows self-expression
• Integration of ideas, perspectives
• Uncovers unknown needs/wants
• Enhances self-expression
• Release of fears/tensions
• Awakens inner-self
• Stimulates self-growth
• Improved communications skills
• Better physical and mental health

So go and get yourself a blank book, it can have lines or it doesn’t have to, it can be plain or fancy. For my IPad/Iphone users there is a great “Secret Diary” app you can use that works wonderfully. Or you can just open a word document and sit down and write. There is no special way this should be done. But this is what I want you to do. Spend some time writing to yourself; writing only what is good and loveable about you. I want you to spend all week, until we meet again, writing only what is good and loveable about you. Not your husband or partner, or your children that you love.

Review this list of at least 21 things and then next week I want you to call me and tell me what marvelous event happened in your career search.

Over the upcoming weeks, we can take journaling and affirmations a bit further, but for now, all I want you to do is write about what is good about you. We have to rise how you feel about yourself, and this will do the job. You need a boost. (PAUSE) This simple activity will help you get back into the driver’s seat of your life. Read them each day to yourself. Post them where you can see them. Put them on your Facebook page, I don’t care. Just check in on that list each day until our next show. Make a promise to yourself. I guarantee you that by next week; a career miracle will have happened. We need a plan and structure to feel good about our self, during a job search. I want you to be passionate about you when you get out of bed in the morning. This is my coaching for you this week.

My Best Regards!

P. S.
Follow the link and listen to the archived Resume Energy Show. The first Resume Energy showed debuted, Monday, February 18, 2013. The shows are on “live” on Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. Eastern Standard time. Please follow the show and call her on that day at 347-826-7596 and join in!


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