Resume critique tips ENERGY?









I am overjoyed to write this post. I was working with a new client this week and I told him to go to my blog and review these tips, and guess what? They were not posted. So here they are Resume critique tips.

A resume must . . .
Show an employer that (you), the job seeker is worth much more to them (value) than they cost (salary and benefits)! A great resume should compel human resources to pick up the phone and call the (you) job seeker. Its content must be relevant to the reader. It should also provide quick insight into the (your) personality and drive to succeed. It must create an unsolicited demand for your skills. Here are Resume Energy’s Resume critique tips for 2013.

TIP # 1
The header is always the reader’s first impression. Similar to having on polished shoes, it should be in 18-20 fonts. Single Spaced!

TIP # 2
Never ever should (you) job seeker use a cheesy email address? You should use a professional sounding email address. If the resume still has this telephone format (856) 571-1507, you have just dated your resume style to 1989. Use the modern yet digital, phone-number format: 856.571.1507. Don’t forget you should also include your social media address. Just as employers use multiple avenues to push out job postings, (you) the job seeker need to use all the channels available to put yourself in front of recruiters. Using Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn as a means to give updates on your career or connect you with other professionals gives your résumé legs and can make you more memorable as a candidate.

TIP # 3
(You) Job seeker’s should avoid starting their resume with an Objective! Gone are the days of an “objective” statement. Instead, use a “Professional Summary” to list the qualities they can offer immediately to the prospective employer.

TIP # 4
Another great way to get a resume noticed is to use job titles or a job title bar. A title bar is a good choice because it is a list of three of their career experiences. They can also list their top three skills in a title bar, across the top of their resume.

TIP # 5
Learn from commercials: Be brief. A resume is a lot like a television commercial, and the job seeker is the product. They’ve got seconds to identify a problem they can solve; show your greatest attributes and to take action. No more than 10-12 years of work history should be included on a resume. Leave off job experiences that show more than those dates. Remind them that a resume is a living document that should be updated every two years!

TIP # 6
(You) job seekers must tailor your resume for each prospective employer. The same point applies to their cover letters. That is why they must have career focus, and use “key words” from the job lead.

TIP # 7
“Pobody’s Nerfect”! Having a poor design and layout, with careless inaccuracies is a no-no! A resume must be free from grammatical and typographical errors. Get someone to review and edit the resume before the job seeker applies for a job.

TIP # 8
Write the resume from your voice. You are not like everyone else. Find the precise words that describe what makes you unique and valuable.

TIP # 9
“References Available upon Request” This was often used as a way to end a resume, but it’s completely unnecessary. Of course you have references! Otherwise, they have no business applying for a job! The age-old “references available upon request” has become archaic. They should have solid references lined up from the get-go, so when the hiring manager asks for them, they are ready to share them.

TIP # 10
Yes, you need a cover letter, even when you are emailing a resume, posting it to a job board, or sending it electronically. A cover letter is the best place to introduce yourself, identify your goals, and briefly describe why you are a good fit for the position. A well-written cover letter is a sales tool that will ensure that the resume will be read.

For everyone who is looking for a job right now, may God be with you. You are in my prayers. I pray that you find that job as soon as possible, and that you are able to live a happy and fruitful life.

My Best Regards!


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