Vision Board ENERGY?

vison board 2013

What I am sharing with you is nothing new. I cannot take credit, nor do I want to take credit for creating such a life transforming activity. All I can say is that each year, when the new year begins, you can always find me sitting, cutting, and gluing pictures, words, and photos on a brand new piece of oak tag. I don’t know if it is the quiet and reflective time that I enjoy most, or if it is just feeling like a “little girl” again, sitting at my mother’s dining room table, creating an art project. But I always feel so wonderful after my vision board is done.

This year for 2013 I added a few lit candles and poured a glass or two, of my favorite wine, while preparing my vision board. Let’s say, I am so happy to have survived such a year. Looking back on 2012 I experienced the sudden loss of my young brother in law, “Chuck” and my beloved pet, “Kobe”. What a pill to swallow!

But as always, I believe that even though this something good will happen, so as I am always excited about the month of January, and the New Year, I eagerly set down to create my vision board 2013.
This year I decided that one board wasn’t enough, so I have and are creating two boards, one personally created for “me” and the other one for my business; Resume Energy and the Clarity in Communication Project. Here is some more info on the power of a vision board.

Vision boards have become a powerful part of my life. I have been using them for more than 25 years. You just take any kind of paper, I love buying “oak tag” or poster board, grab some old magazines, and get started. I believe that my vision board is a visual representation of my prayers for the year. As I sit there cutting, and pasting, I am putting my heart’s desires down, without any restraints; just words and pictures that mean something to me.
You can use travel magazines and/or books. The idea is that you create a board that has your deepest desires, things that you just love, things that inspire you, things that motivate you, and places that you want to go and be. But please don’t worry about how you are going to do them, have them, or achieve them.

I believe that the world instantly starts to reorganize once I glue those pictures on that board, because once there down, you will notice the opportunity to have the things that are appearing on your vision board.

Sometimes it is so amazing and just startling. The best example I recently had was when I saw, really saw, the picture in the center of my 2013 vision board that I started working on the first week of January 2013. If you look closely at my vision board, you will see a picture of a heart and a microphone. I love using the expression, “speak from your heart” and “follow your heart”. I had no idea when I cut that picture out; that it would mean much more than that. To all my followers, I am starting a heart centered radio talk show to help job seekers. Which I did exactly two days after cutting that picture out. If you look carefully at my vision board, you will see the picture I am talking about.

I also put words on my board to lay the foundation of what I want to build in my life. On my 2013 vision board, I used the months of the year to give me a monthly focus on the things I do and experience each month. You have two weeks to select books, magazines, drawings, or whatever resonates with you and create a new vision board. Then I want you to put it somewhere that you can see frequently. You don’t have to share it with me, but you can if you are lead to. I am a big fan of keeping secret your desires. I think it is important to protect the seeds of your heart desires until they have taken root, grown, and translated from the non physical to the physical and are viable That’s probably where that old saying comes from, watch who you tell your “business” too. So I protect my dreams and desires from anyone who may something that is not helpful to say. It is like planting a seed. You place it in the safety of the dirt, you water it, and tend to it, and once it grows, you place it for everyone to see. If you dug it up and didn’t water it, it would not have grown. So keep your secrets and look at it every day. Don’t have any expectations. I look forward to hearing about you finishing your board!

For everyone who is looking for a job right now, may God be with you. You are in my prayers. I pray that you find that job as soon as possible, and that you are able to live a happy and fruitful life. As always, if you want to talk with me personally about this topic, email me at, as my personal mission remains, to help you establish YOUR career focus.

My Best Regards!


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