Manifesting your ideal career ENERGY?


Let’s now learn how to use the law of attraction to choose and manifest your ideal career. This powerful universal law states that you attract into your life, whatever you give your energy, attention and focus to, whether wanted or unwanted. If you want to attract your ideal job, first of all, you must be very clear about what you want.

Most of the time, you only have a very brief idea about the job you would like to do and as such, you tend to attract jobs that are not really suitable for you. How do you become clear about what you want? Most of the time, it is very difficult to know exactly what you want in an ideal career. One of the best ways to become clear is to make a list of things that you don’t like in a job. You don’t have to focus on what you don’t want to attract, but just examine briefly what you don’t want.

Once you have made a list of around 50 things that you don’t want, you can proceed by making that list of things into a list of what you want in an ideal job. The things that you want are the exact opposite of the things that you don’t want. For example, “I don’t want to do a job where I am not happy” will be replaced by I want a job where I am very happy and “I don’t want to have a boss” will be replaced by “I want a job where I am my own boss”. Once you are clear about what you want in your ideal job, you must raise your vibration to attract your ideal job into your life.

It is very important to know that in life, you do not get what you want but you get what you vibrate. You must therefore become a “vibrational match” to what you want in order to attract what you truly desire. You can raise your vibration by acting as if you already have the job that you want and start experiencing how you would feel if you were already doing that job. You can use affirmations or phrases like “I am in the process of attracting my ideal job” to raise your vibration to attract what you desire. You can also visualize what you want in your job and make as if you already have it.

You must note that whether you are using affirmations or visualization, the most important thing is that you must feel what it would be like to already possess your ideal job. Once you are very clear about your ideal job and you have raised your vibration to attract your ideal career, you should allow your ideal career to manifest in your life. Allowing is the absence of doubt and fear. If you have a strong desire to attract your ideal job but at the same time, you have strong doubts, you will never be able to attract your ideal career because you will be sending mixed signals in the Universe. If, on the other hand, you have a strong desire and some doubts, you will attract your ideal job, but it will take a little longer to manifest in your life.

The best way for rapid manifestation of your ideal career is when you have a strong desire and no doubt at all. The right understanding and application of the Law of Attraction will bring miraculous results in your life. “Whenever you are looking at the “HOW” or “WHAT “of something,” you are looking at it the wrong way. Looking at the “how to do something” keeps you looking and focused only on the PROBLEM! Unfortunately this is a double whammy. Believe it or not, that’s where you remain stuck. How, how, how! Do I need to give examples? Please don’t make me. Okay, you’ve convinced me, just one, I truly don’t enjoy looking at problems no more than I have to. How do I get a job with so many people out of work? Just typing that statement made me feel weak and powerless. Thoughts of unemployed heads of household, families, and mounting bills made me sad.

That is exactly what happens too many of us when we are faced with a problem. We get stuck looking at the problem. How can I get the money? How can I get the car fixed? How! How! How!

Did I come up with any creative ideas, strategies to solve this problem, not at all? I just kept charging the problem and each thought with more and more negative energy (emotion). Please get this, looking at the “how” is not and will never be the answer. This is my suggestion; focus on “how you want things to be! What I mean by that is what “state of being”, “what feelings do you want to have” what feelings do you want to experience”, doing this simple process, I firmly believe will solve the problem. I know that this sounds too simple to be true, because we have been taught many other “practical” ways to solve a problem, that we have no idea what we are actually doing.

Go to the internet and Google 16 practical tips for solving a problem, and see if any of those suggestions provided will help you with your career related challenges.

Just to share, I transitioned from an employee at the mercy of “contracts” for supplementing my income to creating this wonderful resume business in a few short months, because I focused on how I wanted to feel. I wanted to be free from someone controlling whether or not my monthly income increased (I wanted to participate in My Own Natural Energy Yield-MONEY), control the flow of money I made. I wanted to feel healthy and feel less stressed. I wanted to feel and be joyous; I wanted to feel like a person who has a large savings account. So I stood still for a moment, and created a vision of how I wanted to feel.

It was pretty easy, and didn’t it make me feel so much better, and guess what, when something came along that I was uncertain about, I now had something to measure against. I don’t know if this is your yard stick, but so many job seekers looking for employment are measuring it against this vision: “I am broke, and I need to find a job now”. That is not how your new job is going to find you! You are not going to draw the job to you makes your heart sing! The great motivational speaker, Bob Proctor, said, what are you trading your life for? Whatever kind of work you do should make you sing, and support you in more ways than your banking account or grocery bill. Take a moment and imagine how you would feel if you had that perfect job. George Bernard Shaw is quoted as saying, “Imagination is the beginning of creation”.

I had a client many years ago, that worked for a local cable company, and her job was to call clients when they owed money, and collect from them. Now I can’t think of a more life sucking job, and she was really unhappy and she wanted a different job. I asked her what she wanted, and she said that they don’t make jobs for what she wants. She did the same exercise and wrote down what made her heart sing. She said I love to hike; I love to be in the mountains, I love to be outdoors, I love to watch people’s faces light up. So I said, okay, let’s focus on the feelings. So we did, and she called me a couple months later, and she landed, a job, rewriting a hiking book.  So for two years, her job was to hike the woods and trails, take notes on all changes, and take people on the tours. Yes it was only a two year assignment or contact, but then after those two years, then she did it again, and ended up working in a spiritual retreat center. You know that was a long way from phoning people and saying, please pay your bill. So I know that this works.

What other feelings do you want to feel? Stop “shouldn’t” on you. Jot down, and explore the feelings that you want to feel. Now after you have done that you must forgive yourself for believing that you have to figure out right now what you have to do, and give yourself permission to feel the way you want to feel. Say this out loud: “I give myself permission to stop trying to figure out what I need or want to do, and give myself permission to feel the way you want to feel at work.”  Now believe that you can choose to live and feel (use those list of feelings), and be that, at some point every day. How do you feel? That is going to bring the job that you want to you, instead of you running out and looking forward it. Raise your vibration and it will come to you.

We are all free to raise our vibrations by being and living in the feelings we want. We can do, feel and say these statements regardless of whether or not we have a job or not. So right now, what can you do right now, that can help you feel free and energized?

Go do it now, don’t put it off. It doesn’t have to be something big, just something that can make you feel free, or whatever those feelings are that you listed. Watch some children play and laugh, read a good book, I don’t know what works for you, just do it. While you are doing whatever that is, say, this is the feeling that I want in my work. It is that simple. Believe me, it is really that simple. I know it sounds ridiculously simple, but it really is that simple.

I hate to drone on, but what the typical person, job seeker does, is try to use his head, and not his heart. You will never ever be truly happy with a job that you get with your head. I believe that if you come from that place where you’re head, your heart, and your soul connect, and overlap, you will get what you want. Be the very best person you can be, with the feelings that you want to create, and that job is going to show up on your doorstep.For this blog, I have a homework assignment. Contact me at and I will help you stop, take some quiet time and begin to have a career focus.


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