Meet your Inner coach ENERGY?

Good morning, good afternoon, or good evening  job seekers!  

Where has the time gone? What a breath of fresh air it is to be finally sitting at my computer and writing this month’s blog. I looked at the last post date and I owe the Clarity in Communication project at least three blog updates. They will be done this month that is a promise.  

The table has been set and the meal for today includes those 2011-2012 buzz words, “REDUCE, REORGANIZE, and RESTRUCTURE”; you know those recession inspired words that so many companies have been using since 2009.

“REDUCE”, “REORGANIZE”, and “RESTURCTURE”, is what you need to immediately plan to do to your belief system about your old job, your career transition, and any thought you have about finding work. You need to fire or “pink slip” your inner critic and HIRE an inner coach. We talked about the inner critic in my last blog. Now it’s time to talk about and actually meet your inner coach.

Did you realize that on an average, you talk to yourself about 50,000 times per day, and according to research, it is about 80-85% negative? We say things like, “I shouldn’t have said that”,” I’ll never lose weight”, or “I’m always late”. For our job seekers, sending out and uploading resume after resume,  you are  probably saying things like,” I will never ever get a job in this economy”.

These thoughts affect your attitude and control your thinking, which controls your behavior. They paralyze us, often without even knowing it. See our body reacts to thoughts, changing our temperature, our heart rate, blood pressure. It can even make our hands sweat. Every cell in our body is affected by every thought we have.  Negative thoughts weaken us, and positive thoughts make us more relaxed, grounded, and centered. Positive thoughts produce endorphins for the brain that will reduce pain and increase pleasure.  We can talk to ourselves like we are winners instead of losers. We can transform our inner critic who judges everything, into an inner coach who encourages us. To do this requires inner work and retraining to tell the inner critic to tell the whole truth. Our inner critic really has out best interest in mind when it is criticizing us, just like our parents use to do to us. The problem is that it tells only part of the truth. Our parents yelled at us when we ran out in the street, because they loved us, and didn’t want us to be killed. But the message that came across was, “What’s wrong with you?” Are you stupid or something? Now we really need to remember that the underlying motivation of our inner critic is to help us do better. But we have to retrain our inner critic to talk to us with the whole truth.  For example, if your inner critic says, I can’t believe it, there are no jobs out here, what were you thinking, believing that you could get right back to work. There are no jobs stupid out here.  You have to say, wait a minute. I am not interested in judgment. You just need ideas, strategies, and tools to make your job search more effective. With such, your inner critic can turn into your inner coach. Your inner coach will start to think about ways to make your job search better. Your “inner coach” supports your efforts, motivates you to keep trying even when we’re not 100% successful, keeps you practicing for success, and helps you figure out what you are doing that could be standing in the way of  your job search.

My best regards!