10 Reasons why your job search is NOT succeeding ENERGY?

While simply submitting your resume and waiting for an opportunity to fall in your lap might had been enough to land a job opportunity at one time,  the frustrating reality of today’s job search, is that is not likely going to happen.

Here are 10 good reasons why your job search may not be succeeding, and 10 steps on how you can make sure that you shift that energy today!

  1. You are NOT Networking. You must network in today’s tough market. Connect with your family and friends and get the word out about your job search. Many people start networking only after they’ve lost their jobs. Effective networking means creating contacts and relationships while you’re still employed. If you are heading to a networking event, make sure you know why you are going. Do you want a job? If so, are you seeking something specific, or will anything do? Are you looking for contacts or a mentor to provide guidance? As soon as someone starts talking with you, you have to hold up your end of the conversation. If you don’t know what you want you can’t do that.
  2. You are skipping the cover letter online.  A great cover letter is   your chance to make an enormous first impression or address adequately any inconsistencies on your resume.
  3. Your cover letter is too generic. Please tailor each letter to a specific job and person while clearly identifying the areas of your background that meets those employer’s needs.
  4.  You are procrastinating. As an intuitive career coach, I have heard all kinds of excuses, stories, about why someone isn’t looking for a job today? There is no time like the present.  You must restart your job search today. Being out of work for more than 2 months is too long, unless you are enrolled in an educational program to upgrade your employable skills.
  5. You are only searching on the internet. Please get offline. Yes, it is efficient. Yes, there are thousands of jobs listed on those job boards. New job boards are popping up each day. But that is all that is popping up! How many people are getting hired using these job boards. While job boards and company websites are great places to start finding a job, many opened positions are never advertised.  Did you hear what I just said? Let me repeat myself. MANY OPENED POSITIONS ARE NOT ADVERTISED. So talk to those human resource managers,  find out their names, call upon recruiters, and those successful professionals  that you know, who could help you find new opportunities.
  6. You are not doing your research. Executives polled; say 25% of candidates do not have any knowledge of the company or industry for which they were applying. Stop that nonsense. Research today doesn’t require a trip to your local library, you have the web.
  7. You are blanketing the market with your resume. Attractive candidates use targeted marketing. They are focused in who and where their resume goes. Stop sending your resume into that black hole and conduct a focused and targeted job search.
  8. You are not following up. How many times have you sent out your resume and the job search stopped there. I can’t believe how we feel so powerless in our job search. My suggestion, contact the hiring manager, you can now, they have your resume. Ask them if they can “confirm” that your application was received when it was uploaded.  Have you ever thought it was okay to ask them if they “needed anything else from you”?
  9. You have many external distractions. Yes, I know that your unemployment benefits are running out. I know that that is distracting. But you must set aside specific times to do your job search and try to keep any outside interruptions to a minimum.
  10.  You don’t ask for the job. Many candidates or job seekers are shy about being too outspoken or upfront about their desire for the job. We tend to project our insecure feelings on the contact, recruiter, or human resource person. But, get this; many hiring managers will be impressed with your candor. I would!

My Best Regards


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