Resume Writing Process ENERGY

If this is your first job search, the position you get will have a major impact on your career’s progression and growth. If you are a seasoned candidate, your next position will represent a major step forward, career transition, career change, or the crowning achievement of your career.  In any case, your future is determined by the actions you are taking today.

Entering a job search campaign with a less than perfect resume can be compared for our men, like boxing a skilled opponent with one hand tied behind your back, and for our women, walking in a beautiful pair of high heels with one that is broken.  Your efforts are seriously handicapped. With hundreds and even thousands of candidates competing with you, you need the best possible resume to achieve the best possible results.

In a sea of traditional resumes, a distinctive resume is the single most important factor in the success of your job search.

Working with Resume Energy is so easy: Simply call our experienced career professional at 856.571.1507 to schedule an appointment. At the appointment, our experienced resume writer will gather the facts, figures, and accomplishments about your career to date. She will never use a resume template. She will also assess your career goals and evaluate strengths and potential abilities that may hinder your job search. She will help you to uncover and articulate your “story”. Your “story” is simply what you need to say about yourself and how you should articulate it. Your “story” will become part of your resume, cover letter, and thank you letters.

Once your “story” is written succinctly out for you, it becomes a part of how you talk about yourself in informal job conversations, interviews, and salary negotiations. Did you know that most job winners get the position because they told a great “story”? With Resume Energy’s assistance, you will too.

Following the informational phrase of the process, your resume writer will create documents that are the optimal reflection and expression of you, your qualifications, and your potential.

They will then be submitted your review, usually within 2-4 business days, but in, as little as 8 hours if you choose our expedited preparation option. Upon your approval and payment, you will receive your finished documents in Microsoft Word and PDF formats.

Resume Energy creates distinctive, custom-tailored resumes, cover letters, thank you and follow up letters, and other documents for candidates in all occupations and at all job levels.

My Best Regards!


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