Career Success Group ENERGY?


If you are in transition, you may benefit from a career success group, especially if you’ve been out of work for a long time. The best of these balance a sympathetic, supportive atmosphere with a structured environment to keep participants focused on moving forward. Get offline and join a new group starting Tuesday, July 17, 2012. The group will be hosted by a gracious new business owner, Ve’Nice’s Full Figure Boutique, located in Country Club Plaza, Willingboro, New Jersey, 08075.

The group will provide a safe, caring environment to discuss personal/emotional issues related to job search and career management. “It’s a structured format where” members can get ideas, direction, and support, solve problems and learn new skills to improve their job search and career”.

Each session will begin with an opening prayer, a positive affirmation or some encouraging words from the Bible. We welcome people from all religious backgrounds or no background at all. We’ll make you feel at home.

Dates: Tuesday July 17th “Resume Tips &Tricks (Bring a Copy of Your Resume with Kim Gardner) of “Resume Energy”

July 24th“Networking Your Way to New Employment (Guest: TBD)

July 31st “Turning Interviews into Offers” (Guest: TBD)

One blessed and very happy attendee will win a free Resume Makeover!

For more information contact: Ve’Nice’s Full Figure Boutique at 609.877.3342 or Resume Energy at 856.571.1507.

My Best Regards!


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