Job fair ENERGY?

What an interesting week I have had representing Resume Energy. I started the week attending a job fair, and I ended the week, giving out business cards to people walking the streets in the Kensington section of Philadelphia. Both instances helped give me even more clarity, focus, and purpose. They each made me see firsthand, how people need help, our communities need help, and if we would each just stop and find out what our true gift and purpose in life is, we can each do something to make a difference.

The job fair was a fantastic day, spent helping, encouraging, motivating, and inspiring others. That was the benefits of providing the “one- on-one” resume reviews and career coaching services at the job fair. The event was outstanding and well attended. There were an estimated 600 job seekers in attendance and forty four (44) companies from New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The host, Washington Crossing’s Methodist Church, provided as per scripture, James 2:14-26, “Faith without works is dead”. The shortcoming of attending the job fair is the reality that many job seekers during this recession have it really tough. The job seekers are so diversified today, from many backgrounds and diverse life styles. For many of them, they were once gainfully employed and then the next day, due to their company’s “reorganization and restructuring” they weren’t. There is also no doubt they are stressed. Between optimizing their resumes for positions they think they are qualified for, to dropping off educational accomplishments and dates for fear of being seen as overly qualified. Worn down by frustration and stress, many find themselves spiraling into sleepless nights and lack of motivation, worry, and fear.

Please we must change our conversations. Computing and/or talking about the “unemployment” rate is like computing and/or talking about the wind chill factor, why look for more ways to make you miserable.

I’ve also noticed that many job seekers could not name at least one or two companies they would consider working for. This troubled me, as a career coach, a job search must be “focused”. A job seeker should not be wishing for a job to hire them, they should know where they want to be hired. This is intention. I have a simple homework assignment for all job seekers or anyone desiring a career change. Find as much as you can about 10 companies that you want to work for. From the top to bottom, visit the web page, learn about the employees, I also noticed from the great folks I worked with that their resumes did not highlight the skills that made them memorable employees. That’s what a prospective employer wants to hear, what made you the best person for the job. Please this message is to all of them, Resume Energy’s resume writing service is my gift from my heart and spirit. I strongly believe that if each person has a God given talent and gift; and that this gift is intended to serve our community, and when that is done, we service the whole. Even though there is a fee for the resume writing service, the resumes are written from my heart and intended to energize the job search because it is co created for success. They are created based on the laws of energy and principles of faith, confidence and certainty, translated which means, “Our faith, our confidence, our certainty, and our courage, will help get you back employed”.

My best regards!


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