Career Coach ENERGY?

Do you really need a career coach? Have you ever thought to yourself? “I know I’d be great at that job if only someone would give me a chance” or “I would love that job, but I could never make any money doing that.” Do you struggle with the concept of networking and/or feel that you have fewer valuable contacts than others Do you ever find yourself apologizing for your age, level of experience, or education? Have you sent out résumés for jobs you know you’d be perfect for and have not received a response? Do you have trouble getting interviews or turning interviews into job offers? Are interviews uncomfortable because you find it difficult to talk about yourself without feeling like you’re bragging? Given the economy, do you worry that you may have to settle for a job or salary below what you know you deserve? Do you worry that your unemployment compensation and/or severance will run out before you find another job? Have you been out of work longer than you ever expected? Do you feel stuck in your current job or no longer find it satisfying? Do you feel your job, and the jobs of your co-workers, are in jeopardy? If you answered “Yes” to even one question above, working with a career coach could help you streamline your efforts.  If you answered “Yes” to more than 3 questions, the right career coach could help you shave weeks or months off your search. When you think about what you expect to earn in a typical week, the opportunity cost of NOT working with a coach is probably a lot higher than the investment you’d make with even the most expensive coach. Get the support you need, you are worth it.

My Best Regards!


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