Faith is ENERGY?

Hi my wonderful friends. I know that your life has been filled with love, joy, and peace, since our last meeting. If it wasn’t, that was YOUR choice. Having love, having joy, and having peace in your life are a choice!

What a week it has been for me. It is OFFICIAL tomorrow, Thursday, June 14, 2012; at 7:00 p.m., I will be presenting a mini pre-job fair workshop, entitled, “Resume Tips & Tricks”, thanks to the generous hospitality of Washington Crossing’s United Methodist Church, located at 1895 Wrightstown Road in Washington Crossing, PA 18977, and a man with vision, their Mr. Pierre Ede. Much gratitude and thanks!

Have you ever, really wondered what FAITH really is? I intellectually believe, by a preponderance of the evidence, that God exists, that the Bible is true, and that Jesus is his Son…and I do believe that faith aligns with our deepest beliefs.

Remember my personal mission is to help my community get back to work, so I really need you to understand that I am not blaming anyone for creating their current situation (unemployment). I am just asking us to dig a little deeper, and do some deep, deep inner work to see if perhaps, just maybe we are or were putting some of our faith in the WRONG place (I didn’t say all of it).

I think that instead of putting our faith in ourselves, our divinity, or in our inherent ability to create what we want, we easily, and often without realizing it, put faith in what we do not want.

Let me say that again, a little slower: I- think- that –instead- of- putting- our –faith- in -ourselves,- our divinity-, or –in- our –inherent- ability- to- create –what- we- want-, we-easily-, and- often- times- without- realizing- it-, put- faith- in- what- we- do- not- want.

That’s the faith is energy, that I really want to talk about. Maybe a short description will help make my point. You are at work, you love your job. Each and every day, you go to work smiling and happy. Your job supports your vision of life. It feeds your family, and allows you to enjoy some of life’s luxuries. Then comes this recession, and how things have changed.

Many of your friends, friends, of a friend have lost their jobs, or have been downsized, but not you, you still have your job. Today you feel “blessed” some call themselves “lucky”. But then a rumor starts to circulate about your department, that it is planning on reducing one hundred jobs. Instead of having faith that you are not on that layoff list, each day, you wake up, drive to work, wondering if today is going to be the day you get a pink slip. Or if you didn’t get it, you will end your day, saying thank God, they didn’t give out pink slips today.

My question for this scenario, was, “Where was your faith?” All day you sat at your desk, worrying about getting that pink slip. Where was your faith? Stop and really think about it, where was it?

It was in getting a pink slip! All day, your body cringed, reacted, and felt, as if you were given a pink slip. Each time your boss walked by, you knew he was going to call you into his office and hand it over to you.

I know I am making light of a very serious situation that may have happened to you, but I need to do this to make a point. You didn’t have faith that your needs would be met (Philippians 4:19: And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus). You didn’t even put your faith in the truth statement, “that if one door closes, a new one opens”.

Sorry, there is no way around it; you put your faith in your belief that you were getting the boot. You Felt As If The T hing Had Happened. Notice what the beginning of each letter spells out: F A I T H!

Make a committment to yourself today, that you will never ever do that again!

Fast forward to your divine job or employment opportunity that is coming your way. In order to create that new job, expand your career opportunities, you must have FAITH. You must feel as if the thing is happened or happening and you must then stand in that energy and in that awareness. When you have faith, you allow things to unfold, get this without WORRY, UPSET, or DISTRESS.

Here is a homework assignment for all my job seekers. We must stop worrying about not having a job and start believing that we can have one. The assignment is simple and will give you at least a break, three times per day, from that annoying, worrying, or anxiousness you may be feeling about not having a job.

I want you to commit to taking three (3) five minute breaks throughout your day. During each break, I want you to spend those minutes believing that you have the job of your dreams. Feel as if it has happened. If you are employed and want a promotion, feel as if you are promoted. You get the drift. This level of belief, even for five minutes, changes the thoughts (energy) in your mind, and raises your vibration (energy). A higher vibration attracts higher things. Please let me know how this homework assignment worked for you.

My homework assignment: Helping put Americans back to work, and effecting change, one person at a time. I see myself traveling around the country, inspiring and motivating people to remake their old resumes, with fantastic resume tips and tricks, and of course given the job of writing most of them.

I will keep you updated! By the way, two short months ago, I was “thinking” (changing the energy in my brain) of thoughts and of ways to share my resume writing gift with the community, and the next minute, I am on a schedule to do exactly that.

I believe and know for a fact, that we manifest in our lives what we believe true. I accept as true, we have this gift, and I know that it takes faith (energy) to propel it forward. Faith is energy!

My best regards!


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