Conversation is ENERGY!

Hi my fantastic and wonderful friends. I hope you all had a blissful and peaceful week. I had a grand one. Most of my time was spent meeting new and wonderful people, interviewing them, and yes, co-creating and writing their resumes, yippy!

Nevertheless, I still need to do my inner work, and I hope to inspire you to join me. In this blog I would like to talk (energy) about our conversations (energy), and the enormous impact the words (energy) we use have on everything! If you believe in the creation theory of life, then there is no doubt that you believe in the power of words. According to the bible, the world was created by the Word of God. And God said, “Let there be light”, and there was light. Genesis: 1-3, (KJV Bible).

With that as a foundation for my faith, I believe that whenever you release a word from your mouth (being), you are putting energy directly into the Universe. Because of this, I affirm that it is extremely important to consciously choose words that are empowering and not debilitating. I feel that the tongue and emotions are connected, so speech and thought have a strong connection. I also accept as truth, that you are the master of your own mind, so everything that comes out of your mouth is entirely up to you.

Most people agree that their speech can influence the thoughts of others, so why is it so hard to believe that what you say about yourself or your condition, influences you also. This influence often extends to the subconscious level.

Have you ever really stopped and listened to yourself talk?  I am learning that even the simplest of words can have quite an effect (energy) on me – even if they’re just one syllable.  Take for example, the simple three letter word, TRY, t-r-y. It is such an easy word to use, and always manages to slip into a conversation without any real effort. However, this small word is more debilitating than you think. Let’s do an experiment. Pay attention to the way you feel when you say the word, “t-r-y”. In this statement: “I will try and call 10 employers today”. There’s nothing powerful about. There’s no energy in it. Phonetically it’s a feeble and wispy statement. It represents a lack of commitment and honestly is void of integrity and action. I believe that people mistake the word “trying” for “doing” but I must disagree. Did you actually do something? There is no such thing as try! But how often is that word used?  How often do you use it? How often did you use it today?  Instead of using the word, replace it with what you are going to do. We all make time for what is important to us, so just make it a priority, and do whatever you were going to “try” and do. Instead of, sounding defeated, and saying “I will try and call 10 employers today”, say; “I will call 10 employers today”. See and feel the difference in the energy! Here is another example, say: “I am trying to reach, Mr. So-in-so”. Now make it a priority and say: “I will reach Mr. So-in-so today”. Now your words have power, tremendous power and energy. I choose “try” as an example, but there are more, many more no energy words that we must avoid: “should”, “have to”, “need to”, or “supposed to”. Here is another one we often use and hear. “I have to go to work tomorrow”. For many of the unemployed, they would love to go to work tomorrow. For those who are blessed to have a career, why not start saying, “I get to go to work tomorrow and earn some more money”. Rephrase your conviction, and the shift in your energy is brilliant.

Next, you must give up belly aching. I know complaining can be fun, and some will even say, “I am not complaining, just explaining, but I urge you to stop doing that now. If you keep saying: “no one is responding to my resume”, “there are no jobs out here”, “this economy stinks”, “I don’t have enough experience”, “I am over qualified for the job”, “I am too old to be looking for a job”. “No employers are calling me”; “I will never get a job”, words like these set boundaries and create exactly what are said.  These words are powerful. They kill enthusiasm, lower expectations, affect health, and keep one miserable, and unemployed. It is about time to realize that every sound you utter, every word you think or speak sends out an energy wave that aids in creating your reality by either improving or destroying your relationships, your finances and even your health because words play an important part in the realms of healing. It is therefore imperative to be very aware of what you say or think to yourself… every cell of your being is listening.

Now I know, that you may experience a negative feeling from time to time, that’s understandable, you are human. But do not magnify the negativity and plant it more deeply in your mind by putting that feeling into words and talking about it.

One more strategy, now, all job seekers have heard about the power of positive thinking. But this strategy is just as effective.  You must eliminate negative statements such as: “I never had a chance”. “I didn’t go to college”. “I’m getting too old”. “I have more bad luck than others”. “I’m stuck in a rut and can’t get out”. “I’m not as smart as I used to be”. “My family ties me down”. “People are prejudiced against me”. My health is bad”. These assertions keep you poor and miserable by reinforcing a defeatist attitude. At best, these statements serve only as an excuse. You must stop this type of chatter (negative energy). Do not talk (energy) or act—or even think (energy) in any manner other than prosperously and employable.

Here is some more advice. Do not get involved when others talk of hard times and lack of jobs. Just listen. Be aware that these unhappy people no longer speak your language. Declare silently to yourself something like, “I am no longer in the same boat”, “I am on the road to success”.

In the long run, you’ll find the road easier to travel if you associate with confident, productive people. Act and speak as though you have already solved your employment challenges, even if no results are apparent yet, your speech should support your dreams.

We need new conversations that focus on growth and renewal. Out of my deep love words, and understanding of the power of words, I can go on and on with this topic. But I am not. Simply change your conversation!!!

Here is a new and widely accepted strategy, because some negative thoughts are inescapable. No matter what you do, unwanted images can creep into your conscious mind once in a while. Instead of freaking out when you experience a negative thought or trying to suppress the negative thought use a two-word phrase to cancel the impact of your negative thoughts. The magic phrase is: “Cancel, Cancel”, just say, “cancel, “cancel”.

I leave you with this thought:  the driving force of words, whether written, spoken, or thought are continuously propelling us through life, making us or breaking us, lifting us to incredible heights, or dragging us down to the depths of despair, healing our hearts and souls, or depleting or increasing our energy. It is however, your choice.

 My best regards!


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