Job verses vocation Energy!

Hi my amazing friends. I don’t know about you, but I am still reeling myself in from last week’s blog; Fear is Energy? It was so inspiring that I read it over and over, about 5 times, and I wrote it, lol. However, it’s a new week, and time to focus on something equally as important. Before I begin, let me tell you again, that I so enjoy the time we spend together. It is my pleasure to hear from you, so please talk to me by posting a comment. Your posts are all so inspiring.

I sincerely want to help you find your vocation. What is vocation? The word comes from the Latin word vocare”, meaning to call. A vocation is a strong impulse or inclination to follow a particular activity or career. Your vocation is simply your “calling”. Do you know that in an ideal world the two words, job and vocation, would be one word? Sadly, in our industrial society, and for many of us, a job is our reality, and a vocation is a far, far away dream. It shouldn’t be this way. We should never have to wake up and have to go to a job or “work”, a day in our life. We should wake up every day excited to conquer the world, because we are following our GOD given passion.

We at Resume Energy; firmly believe there are ways to change this. First, there are many ways you can incorporate your career or vocational aspirations into your job. And there are ways to find your vocation. That’s my gift, I have always been able to help match people with a career. About 20 years ago I discovered that gift and like many of us, closed the door to it, because I had a mortgage to pay and children to feed. I wish I could say the mortgage was paid in full, but guess what my children are grown, and I am available now to help you find your calling, your passion, your vocation, or career energy. You are meant to be something in life,  and I want to help you.

Stay with me for a minute longer for a quick story. This week I had the honor of coaching, a hot, new college graduate, who is are you ready for this, “excited about following his professional dream”, let’s call him a “newbie”. Yes, he was excited about graduation, and all that he accomplished,, but I could also sense,  that he was also “fearful” about finding his niche. While interviewing him, I could hear both his certainty and uncertainty about his vocation, while he shared how he needed a “job” until he could start his “career”. Now we older individuals know that we can’t let this happen to him. Resume Energy doesn’t want him getting a job for “economic survival”, settling for a meager job, and eventually losing sight of his dream career. We, with wisdom know, that this is how and where it all begins and ends. I am so thankful he has chosen Resume Energy to work with him. I want him to be what he is meant to be, and not get a job for economic survival.

To avoid that “I have to have a job trap”, he was given several assignments. One was to journal about his dream career, because he needs to be encouraged to dream big, and to talk himself into following his vocation. Daily journaling about your dreams, hopes, and fears accomplishes this. I believe that our society would witness an increase in the “economy” if we would stop suppressing our human spirit, by believing we all need jobs to fill the pocket. That thought is emptying our soul.

When you were born, you cried, and the world rejoiced around you, because a new baby was born. We are all born with gifts, talents, and qualities that can help us foster and find our vocation and fulfillment. You don’t want to reach your 60’s and look back and say, oh my God, I’ve been 35 years working for the same company, yes I have a pension, but I was so miserable, what was I thinking?

You have a great calling, a mission, and a vocation, let Resume Energy help you find them and connect them.

Please allow me to share one more short story! I had dinner this past week with a dear friend who I have known since elementary school. If you know her like I do, you know that she has always loved to sew. She has such a knack for all  that sewing and quilting. While enjoying our time together, somehow the question came up about her newest creation, and she said these words, “I just want to teach the basics”. Why did she say that? For those of you who really know me, you know of course,  I started sharing ideas on how she can make this happen. “My suggestion, get a web cam and start teaching the basics to the world”. She smiled, but I am praying that she really heard me.

We my friends, must open up to the familiar, and be willing to work outside those circumstances that are stopping us from manifesting our calling.

I have figured out one of my life’s calling; let me and Resume Energy help you find yours. Email me at, and I can send you information on the great virtual resume and career counseling packages Resume Energy has to offer.

Are you either stuck in a dead end job, or not following nor perhaps found your vocation? It is never too late to reinvent yourself and unleash those talents and gifts that are dormant.

My best regards!


3 thoughts on “Job verses vocation Energy!

  1. Hello, my name is Keisha. I just learned about your blog today and I have enjoyed reading all of your entries and stories. I don’t feel I am stuck in my job b/c I feel I have other options and I love what I do. I don’t make the money I need to make at this job to take care of things I need to take care of but my faith is strong and God always sees me through. Some days I’m not sure how I have been able to come so far on the money I make but again, I really love what I do. The problem with my job is there is no room for growth. I cannot be promoted and my pay has been cut. I would love to be in a career doing what I love but it seems so hard to land the ideal job. I have revised my resume so many times, in fact I change my resume prior to submitting to each job posting to fit that particular position. I would love to get some advice, pointers, help…or all of that and then some! 🙂 I need to know where I am falling short. I am generally happy and my faith is strong but sometimes my flesh is weak and those bills come in what seems like every day instead of every month, sometimes I get discouraged. I have considered taking on a 2nd job for more money but that would only take away from my child’s time and that time is way too precious to me right now.

    • Hi, Keisha, thanks for such an honest and forthright post. I truly feel your concerns and I am truly honored that you shared so much with me and we don’t even know each other. Thanks for having the courage to share. I heard somewhere recently, that a problem shared is half solved.

      I have some exciting information to share with you. Did you know that if you truly love what you are doing, than that is half the battle, if you want to call loving what you do a battle? Second, did you know that FAITH is what drives you and gives you the courage to find your gift and go after them? Third, do you know that if you work in your gift, you don’t have to work hard, and that you can make time for your family? So my new friend, you have three of the eight things that are needed to have to go after your calling.

      But there are about 5 other things you need to succeed in a career. You need confidence, certainty, courage, a team, and timing. Now you know I am just touching on the subject, but these are the basics. You didn’t tell me the type of work you do, so without knowing the type of work you do, it is hard for me to give you more support. But Resume Energy wants to help. I offer several packages that might help you, but we must talk further in order to do so. Resume Energy has no magic tricks, but I believe in magic, lol.

      I had to smile when you said you change your resume over and over, that’s a good policy, but it is also diluting your skills for a job. Sounds like you need help believing that you are entitled to a particular job or career.

      We can talk further about that. We have to find what you are good at, and we have to create together a resume and some workable steps to expanding your career. Email me at and we can talk some more.

  2. For some reason, her comment wouldn’t post, so we “reposted it”

    Okay First of all! You gave me so much inspiration reading that BLOG…. You are officially in your VOCATION!!!!!! I’ve always told you that you were a life coach and this is exactly what you are doing. I would like to make my appointment with you over lunch or dinner this month and I would like for you to help me to my new chapter. I need my blog completed…resume something… I love what you are doing. I am sooooo proud of you….. You are truly transforming and you are moving full speed ahead. So pencil me into your schedule for a lunch, dinner something so that you can help me with my VOCATION….. Im loving it and I want to move into the now fiercly and effortlessly. I tried leaving a comment on the blog but it would not let me. I had difficulties. I will try again later. Again Keep up the excellent work and continue to allow God to use you.

    Love ya…..

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