FEAR is Energy!

It’s sure nice to be with you again. Are you ready to do some inner work? I don’ know about you, but I sure can use some. This has been a challenging week.

You know everyone experiences fear. I believe that fear is not only a deep life altering emotion, I believe that fear can be a good energy, bad energy, and both. As it relates to this blog, “resume energy”, do you know that only a few career books even talk about fear.

However, there are many, many job hunting fears. Here are a few: admitting what you really want, the “cold cruel world”, running out of time, no more unemployment benefits or extensions, spending all your resources, losing everything, ending up in a nursing home, dying in the poorhouse, losing self esteem, what “others think”, rejection, not being prepared, being trapped in the same rut, losing to the competition, not knowing where to go, wasting your talents, ending up in a dead-end job, focusing, making decisions, failing, running out of money, not trying, going from bad to worse, getting too much responsibility, being too old, or too young, never making a choice, boredom, success, not being able to prove you can do it, meeting new people, change, taking the wrong job, not reaching your full potential, the unknown, losing control, being wrong, looking foolish, the economy, authorities, managers, “executives”, being eaten by the secretary in your attempt to talk to the boss, being unwanted, incompetence, falling on your face, criticism, not having enough skills or intelligence, and starving to death.

Enough! In today’s economic climate, fear levels are high because of all of these and many more. Did you know that 78% of Americans believe that the job outlook is poor? Have you used any of them recently?

So much of the problem, let’s work on a solution. I heard this great story the other day. I hope it will inspire you, just like it did me.

There are only two places that people live on the planet. We’ve been taught that there are many different cities, but there are really only two. One is called Scar-city, which is a play on the word scarcity. The other is a place called A-bun-dance, a play on the word abundance. Now in Scar-city, everyone is scared all the time. Their mantra is “there is never enough”. There is never enough time, there is never enough love, there is never enough sex, there is never enough money, there is never enough, and everyone is walking around agreeing that there is never enough. The television blares hourly on the news, there is never enough, and the newspapers say there is never enough, and at the coffee house, at work, on the train, at the gas pump, people are talking about there is never enough, in relationships there is never enough time, and everyone in Scarcity agrees that there is never enough, and so all of its residents go around co creating the experience of LACK and lost.

Well just across the river, is another city, and that city is called A-bun-dance. The story goes that everybody there is so happy, that their “buns” are dancing around all the time. In A-bun-dance the motto is, “there is always enough”. The river between the two cities, Scar-city and A-bun-dance is only one “thought “wide. You could be steeped in Scarcity, and if you change one thought, that thought becomes the raft that ferry’s you across that river to Abundance.

You all have had the experience of being in abundance, then you get a bill, some insults you, or you get scared, and before you know it, you are walling in Scarcity, because you took that one thought, that something is really wrong here, I am in trouble. The first step to changing your fortune is simply changing your mind. It’s not about going back and changing all the thoughts you had, because you can’t do that. It’s only about changing your thoughts in this moment.

So my friends, if you are feeling poor, alone, deserted, abandoned, or stuck, or afraid or depressed, what one thought could you change that might shift it all. All your problems exist all in your mind, and that is the only place you can fix them. Now for those of you, who need some actual steps outlined to overcome some of those fears, email me at clarityincommunication@yahoo.com and I will send them to you. No need to rehash that scarcity list again. Send me yours, and I will help you.

Have a great week.

My best regards!


8 thoughts on “FEAR is Energy!

  1. Thank you so much for that. This was really a tough week, and I know they only come to make us stronger. As I look back over my life, and think things over, I realized that the challenges that I have overcome, are greater than the ones before me. Im wounded, but I’m winning!!!

  2. It was very thought provoking. I am truly at a crossroads in my life and that is a very scary place to be. I have many decisions to make and at this stage in the game I can ill afford mistakes. Which is were the fear is coming from, but God is good and I remember that he has not given me the spirit of fear. I am encouraged. Thank you!

    • Please keep this in mind about what happens when you need to make a decision and are in a holding pattern. NOTHING HAPPENS! YOU have no movement. It is NO ENERGY. No energy keeps you stuck right where you are.

      You are so correct, God is WONDERFUL, and he hasn’t given you the spirt of fear. We all know where that comes from. The opposite of fear is FAITH!

      Stay encouraged, and don’t try to do it all alone. There are people out here who can help. Please by all means, check out my blog weekly. I do want to help.

  3. Fear is a fallacy that has forever plagued the human race just like “Need”. Fear doesn’t really exist. The hard part of that statement is that we have been taught the word fear and then we have been given things to put into its category. So many things have made it into that category that now most things go there before we even try them, hence fear of the unknown.
    Check out Communion with God if you are interested.
    I’m partial to the Abundance side of the river. :- D Awesome post!

  4. You are so correct Nicole, fear is an awful fallacy that has forever plagued the human race!!! I just learned yesterday, that the spirit of fear never visits you alone. It always travels with its friends, some are dread, hopelessness, pressure, burden, shame, guilt, critism, ill health, and many, many more. That’s another blog topic. Thanks for the post, and I will check out “Communion with God”.

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