RESUME (e = mc2) ENERGY= a smart resume!

Most of us are all familiar with Albert Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity. This famous equation, e = mc2; energy equals mass times the speed of light squared, infers that that everything is energy, moving at different speeds. A good practical illustration of this formula is a train (matter) that is being moved by energy (steam). Light is the fastest form of energy in the universe. Light travels at 186,280 miles or 290, 792, 458 meters per second. As energy slows down, we experience it as solid matter. Enough with the physics stuff. I am a believer of the deep connection between energy and matter. Why am I telling you all this? What does this have to do with finding a job or creating a resume or both?  Well several reasons.

Today’s job market is a living nightmare for some. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average time to find a job is now 33.6 weeks — more than 8 MONTHS. Then with the advances in technology, job hunting has changed.  In only 10-15 seconds, a resume must show recruiters what they want to see and read. Did you know that many companies have started using applicant tracking system (ATS) software to parse resumes or LinkedIn profiles to identify potential job candidates?  Sourcing is a term that recruiters use to find and uncover candidates.  Recruiters are getting more and more creative with their sourcing techniques. One creative sourcing technique is going to Google or other search engines and putting in search strings filled with keywords and terms to generate resumes from all over the internet. Did you also know that in 2012, it’s imperative to have an account on at least one of those networks (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) to raise your resume’s energy level for prospect job candidates?

You apply online for a job you know you’re perfect for—and nothing happens. You show your resume to some friends, and they all have different ideas on ways to improve it. You revise the resume over and over, and you still don’t have a job.  Why, because traditional resumes are worthless, boring, generic, and average. A standard, paper resume is not enough to attract a recruiter’s attention! A resume must stand out. A resume today needs to be smart to move in 2012.  A future employer wants to know you’re an expert at something, and not just contributing to or familiar with it. Including specific keywords associated with a job increases its energy, thus improving the chance your resume will appear high in recruiters’ search results.  Stop thinking of your resume as a resume; start thinking of it as a marketing document with all the “energy” needed to get you an interview. I have said this before, I have some great ideas that I believe can help remake yourself and your resume, one TERRIFIC change at a time.

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8 thoughts on “RESUME (e = mc2) ENERGY= a smart resume!

  1. I am happy you created this website. It gives job seekers an opportunity to know what recruiters are looking for from prospective applicants by reading your blogs. You have to be continuously be updated. That’s right, in today’s job market your resume has to stand out from other applicants. The old chronological resume does not appeal to recruiters.

  2. You are definitely blessed and exuberate the energy you have always spoken about. I am a forever client, when can we get together to redo my resume. It’s about that time to increase funds and move on to brighter pastures.


  3. I just received my smart resume this morning and it tell you I am very ecstatic, WOW, all smiles of joy. My resume now has “ENERGY” and “Ready to Bounce To Back” Thank you you are truly blessed

    • What an experiment! Natalie and I worked together combining our energies and created a fabulous expression of her career history.

      We revised, revamped, and rejuvenated her old outdated resume into a smart resume! A resume that can compete in today’s job search campaign.

      Natalie, I can see you and that smart resume bouncing all over the metropolitan area interviewing!

      Promise the clarityincommunication project that we will be the first to hear about that job interview and subsequent offer!

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  4. Oh, we were so excited out the smart resume, we forgot to talk about how we tweaked the cover letter. Just like the resume there are terms that should be avoided and outdated!

    Hope you are not one of those job seekers still using this one: “To Whom It May Concern”, Natalie isn’t!!!!  We at the clarityincommunication project know all of them!

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