FEAR is Energy!

It’s sure nice to be with you again. Are you ready to do some inner work? I don’ know about you, but I sure can use some. This has been a challenging week.

You know everyone experiences fear. I believe that fear is not only a deep life altering emotion, I believe that fear can be a good energy, bad energy, and both. As it relates to this blog, “resume energy”, do you know that only a few career books even talk about fear.

However, there are many, many job hunting fears. Here are a few: admitting what you really want, the “cold cruel world”, running out of time, no more unemployment benefits or extensions, spending all your resources, losing everything, ending up in a nursing home, dying in the poorhouse, losing self esteem, what “others think”, rejection, not being prepared, being trapped in the same rut, losing to the competition, not knowing where to go, wasting your talents, ending up in a dead-end job, focusing, making decisions, failing, running out of money, not trying, going from bad to worse, getting too much responsibility, being too old, or too young, never making a choice, boredom, success, not being able to prove you can do it, meeting new people, change, taking the wrong job, not reaching your full potential, the unknown, losing control, being wrong, looking foolish, the economy, authorities, managers, “executives”, being eaten by the secretary in your attempt to talk to the boss, being unwanted, incompetence, falling on your face, criticism, not having enough skills or intelligence, and starving to death.

Enough! In today’s economic climate, fear levels are high because of all of these and many more. Did you know that 78% of Americans believe that the job outlook is poor? Have you used any of them recently?

So much of the problem, let’s work on a solution. I heard this great story the other day. I hope it will inspire you, just like it did me.

There are only two places that people live on the planet. We’ve been taught that there are many different cities, but there are really only two. One is called Scar-city, which is a play on the word scarcity. The other is a place called A-bun-dance, a play on the word abundance. Now in Scar-city, everyone is scared all the time. Their mantra is “there is never enough”. There is never enough time, there is never enough love, there is never enough sex, there is never enough money, there is never enough, and everyone is walking around agreeing that there is never enough. The television blares hourly on the news, there is never enough, and the newspapers say there is never enough, and at the coffee house, at work, on the train, at the gas pump, people are talking about there is never enough, in relationships there is never enough time, and everyone in Scarcity agrees that there is never enough, and so all of its residents go around co creating the experience of LACK and lost.

Well just across the river, is another city, and that city is called A-bun-dance. The story goes that everybody there is so happy, that their “buns” are dancing around all the time. In A-bun-dance the motto is, “there is always enough”. The river between the two cities, Scar-city and A-bun-dance is only one “thought “wide. You could be steeped in Scarcity, and if you change one thought, that thought becomes the raft that ferry’s you across that river to Abundance.

You all have had the experience of being in abundance, then you get a bill, some insults you, or you get scared, and before you know it, you are walling in Scarcity, because you took that one thought, that something is really wrong here, I am in trouble. The first step to changing your fortune is simply changing your mind. It’s not about going back and changing all the thoughts you had, because you can’t do that. It’s only about changing your thoughts in this moment.

So my friends, if you are feeling poor, alone, deserted, abandoned, or stuck, or afraid or depressed, what one thought could you change that might shift it all. All your problems exist all in your mind, and that is the only place you can fix them. Now for those of you, who need some actual steps outlined to overcome some of those fears, email me at clarityincommunication@yahoo.com and I will send them to you. No need to rehash that scarcity list again. Send me yours, and I will help you.

Have a great week.

My best regards!


YES is Energy!

Hello my beautiful amazing bloggers. Thank you, thank you so much for stopping by the Clarity in Communication’s project’s “Resume Energy” blog. I am so overjoyed to have you here with me. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me this opportunity to share with you everything I have learned about resume writing and life’s experiences.

Resume Energy is such an amazing theory. Each time I sit down to both prepare and actually write this blog, I am in awe at how many areas of my life both awaken and improve. My vibration is higher, my outlook is brighter, and my goodness, how new doors are flying wide open.

For those bloggers who know me personally, they know that for more than 18 years, I commute more than three hours daily, 1000 miles weekly, to my place of employment. This commute is both bitter and sweet, and has taken on many forms. I tried just driving in my car to work. I have tried car pooling, light rails, trains, and buses. But with such a commute I was typically tired or stressed when I reached my destination. It wasn’t until 2008, after buying a new Hyundai, and the greatest invention of this century, an Ipod,  did my commute reach new heights!

Within the first year buying the Ipod, I actually listened to over 250 audible self-help books. Loving that Ipod so much, I upgraded my cell phone to the Iphone. Now I don’t remember how or when, but somehow I discovered a weekly radio show that provides inspirational, streaming live shows, 24/7 on mind, the body, and health topics; and where listeners can call in and ask questions from these respected authors.  Since 2009 I have learned about Angels, Archetypes, Chakras, Intuitive Medicine, Life Coaching, and so many other stimulating life shifting topics, simply commuting to work.

Fast forward to this week, on Tuesday, while driving to work, and going over my thoughts about the next blog topic, I heard the topic of an unfamiliar presenter. Now just because this was the first time I heard her, did not mean she was new author, I had just never heard her speak. But this topic almost made me want to pull the car over, find a piece of paper, and take notes.

This author just launched her new book, in February 2012, and that book is now a best seller. The title of her book, Yes Energy: my blog, “Resume Energy”. Now I don’t believe in coincidences anymore. There is such synchronicity in this whole event. So I listened to her program and I couldn’t stop smiling, driving to work, smiling once at work, and then smiling while driving home from work. I couldn’t believe how this woman, this total stranger, was giving to voice, what I believe my mission is with “Resume Energy”.

What I gathered, in a nutshell, is that she coaches on all areas of life, but writing about her experiences with money and finances is how she became a millionaire at the age 34. She is also the author of several money coaching and finance books.

Here are a few highlights of what I gathered. You will have to read the book to make your own decisions.

First point: You must find your yes energy. She believes the masses are not getting rich because they have no energy, not just physical energy, they have stories, excuses, and all this drama, as to why they can’t have what they want. She feels it is all this lingering no energy, “I can’t afford it”, I don’t have good credit, I have debt, blah, blah, blah; all those conversations that are keeping people away from yes energy. She said confidently, being broke is a choice, being sad is a choice, being happy is a choice, the list goes on.  She shared that we all have yes energy. The question is where is your yes energy; and are you living it fully in your life. We just have to figure out how to say yes and use this energy. We have to start shifting our conversations to say yes, instead of no, no, no. Stop talking about how the economy is in a recession, there are no jobs, and start thinking about your creativity, your  commitment, your attitude, energy, and welcome a challenge. You have to say yes, and then figure out the how. Then she gives you a step-by-step plan to help you restore your energy, create new opportunities, and start living the life you really want.

I just want to scream from the rafters, I am on to something big, and this confirms it for me. I have always said yes, and then figured out the how, in so many areas of my life. I know I have yes energy. Until today, I just didn’t know what a powerful the technique saying yes was.

All I want to say to you reading ths blog, is that I am a believer that energy is everywhere, that your resume has energy; and that once you start saying yes to your dreams, yes to yourself, yes to your life, yes, yes, yes, this yes energy will take you to new levels.

I ordered her book, and will update you on what I learn.

My best regards!

RESUME (e = mc2) ENERGY= a smart resume!

Most of us are all familiar with Albert Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity. This famous equation, e = mc2; energy equals mass times the speed of light squared, infers that that everything is energy, moving at different speeds. A good practical illustration of this formula is a train (matter) that is being moved by energy (steam). Light is the fastest form of energy in the universe. Light travels at 186,280 miles or 290, 792, 458 meters per second. As energy slows down, we experience it as solid matter. Enough with the physics stuff. I am a believer of the deep connection between energy and matter. Why am I telling you all this? What does this have to do with finding a job or creating a resume or both?  Well several reasons.

Today’s job market is a living nightmare for some. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average time to find a job is now 33.6 weeks — more than 8 MONTHS. Then with the advances in technology, job hunting has changed.  In only 10-15 seconds, a resume must show recruiters what they want to see and read. Did you know that many companies have started using applicant tracking system (ATS) software to parse resumes or LinkedIn profiles to identify potential job candidates?  Sourcing is a term that recruiters use to find and uncover candidates.  Recruiters are getting more and more creative with their sourcing techniques. One creative sourcing technique is going to Google or other search engines and putting in search strings filled with keywords and terms to generate resumes from all over the internet. Did you also know that in 2012, it’s imperative to have an account on at least one of those networks (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) to raise your resume’s energy level for prospect job candidates?

You apply online for a job you know you’re perfect for—and nothing happens. You show your resume to some friends, and they all have different ideas on ways to improve it. You revise the resume over and over, and you still don’t have a job.  Why, because traditional resumes are worthless, boring, generic, and average. A standard, paper resume is not enough to attract a recruiter’s attention! A resume must stand out. A resume today needs to be smart to move in 2012.  A future employer wants to know you’re an expert at something, and not just contributing to or familiar with it. Including specific keywords associated with a job increases its energy, thus improving the chance your resume will appear high in recruiters’ search results.  Stop thinking of your resume as a resume; start thinking of it as a marketing document with all the “energy” needed to get you an interview. I have said this before, I have some great ideas that I believe can help remake yourself and your resume, one TERRIFIC change at a time.

My best regards,