How in the world can you let go of the past when it comes to resume writing, you may be wondering, because we all know that an award winning resume is just that, a historical and chronological listing of all your past and/or previous jobs.

Follow this imaginary scenario….You see a job that’s perfect for you. You grab your resume, and compare what the company is seeking to your skills. While reviewing your resume, you can’t help, even if it is for just a moment, reflect on your old job duties, and ponder the age old question, why me, why was my position eliminated during the downsizing. My question to you, is simply this? How does constantly inventorying your past work experiences, job application after job application, affect your psyche? If you are like most job seekers, typically in a nanosecond, your zest for life is zapped; your creative energy squelched, and you consciously or even unconsciously limit your possibilities.

Why do we give so much of our personal power over to a previous employer or past job situation, or simply put, to the past.  Some psychologists feel that history can be a great teacher and source of wisdom. Other experts in the field believe that we get bogged down in over-analyzing our past, hoping it will give us clues into how we can change our lives right here, right now. Still others believe that your past guides your future. 

In my first blog, HERE WE GO, I shared with you what happened to me, when I was told on a Friday, that my professional services were no longer needed. That layoff was the springboard for this blog and many great things coming my way.  That’s what I want for you, for your lay off, downsizing, or whatever it’s called, to be a springboard for some great things to come your way.  One of those great events that came my way, realizing my unlimited potential as a worldwide leader in resume writing and career counseling, and even coining the term, “resume energy”. My biggest desire though, is to help a person like you land a career  you will love, that’s my “resume energy”.  



Transformation comes from deep within, deep within your heart, deep within your spirit, and deep within your soul. Before you can have and/or create that dream job opportunity or career that you desire, you have to be committed to make some drastic inner changes. What I have discovered about job seeking, and the bigger picture, life in general, is my belief that there is never any action (energy) without self confidence.  Translated, your resume will never get a favorable response from a prospective employer, if you lack self confidence.  Confidence is the greatest single asset you can possess. Confidence is a product of your self-esteem which, in turn, is dictated by yourself-belief, yourself-love, and yourself-value. If any of these elements are missing, it is impossible for you to have true confidence in yourself, and conduct a favorable job search. Please understand low self-esteem is driven by fear: the fear of not being good enough, not being wanted and valued and being worthless and insignificant. You must decide today, right now, to make a conscious effort never ever to compare yourself to others, and affirm your uniqueness. Remind yourself of your talents and strengths each and every waking moment! I repeat, never ever compare yourself to anyone .  God has a unique plan for each and every one of us. When you make such a comparison, inwardly you are feeling ashamed of who you are, which results in abnormal guilt and shame. This can easily make you depressed. If you don’t like yourself, the bad feelings you have inside become a continual source of inner pain. It is vital that you learn to accept and respect the person God made you to be.  Don’t despise yourself because of your imperfections, or choices you have made? Instead learn to celebrate your successes, even small ones.

This is where the talents and strengths section of the resume unfolds. Contact me at the clarity in communication project blog, and I will help you transform your career goals into your new career story.


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