What makes people not just survive, but actually thrive in the face of obstacles? In one word it is: resilience. Resilience is the ability to learn from and rebound from your challenges, adversity, and stress. When you are resilient, you are able to keep going both mentally and physically in spite of the pain, grief, and anger that may have come with your adversity.

With resilience you can look beyond the problem and draw on constructive coping mechanisms like optimism, acceptance, and faith that you can change things and get past setbacks without giving in to hopelessness and frustration. All experts concur that some people seem naturally resilient, but a wealth of research also shows that we all can DEVELOP resilience and bolster your buoyancy. Before we can harness the energy needed to create that awesome resume, you must first build your resilience and bounce back. Here are several strategies that I know will work. 1) Focus on the upside: studies show that optimism is part and parcel of resilience; the more hopeful you feel, the more resilient you’ll be. 2) Expand your knowledge: Ask lots and lots of questions. 3) Find your bliss: make time to find and do things you love. Its emotions like joy, satisfaction, and interest that provide a “psychological time out” in the face of stress and will help you perceive the big picture of your situation. 4) Get moving: in addition to its physical benefits, exercise decreases anxiety and depression, improves sleep and increases the levels of mood improving chemicals. 5) Seek support: support systems are the linchpin of resilience. Please realize that seeking support is not a sign of weakness. 6) Count your blessings: express gratitude, keep a gratitude journal. Gratitude makes you think about what you have, which in turn keeps you from focusing on what you don’t or no longer have. When you feel blessed, it’s easier to keep going-no matter what you’re up against.

In order to bounce back, you need energy. Bounce back, listen to the words. Say those words. Bounce Back. Bounce (energy), back (energy), and get moving so we can harness that energy and create a dynamic resume.

What you are doing to bounce back! I want to know.



3 thoughts on “READY TO BOUNCE BACK!

  1. Ready to Bounce Back is very inspirational and motivational. I am truly encouraged to bounce back! I look forward to reading more blogs from the clarity in communication project.

  2. I am ready to Bounce Back your blogs are very encouraging. I nodded my head yes as I read your blogs. Thanks I need the inspiration

  3. I believe that many people stumble in their search for employment when they fail to develop constructive coping methods. Remaining optimistic is most important when attempting to get through the difficult task of finding a job. Excellent advice!!

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