Here we go!

When your brakes squeak, you go to a mechanic, just like I had to this week. When your sink is clogged, you call a plumber, which I pray, I won’t have to do this week. But where do you go to when you have just been told on Friday, that your services are no longer needed due to budget cuts, and that Monday is your last day; just like what happened to me this week; after nine years of faithful service. Where do you go to when you are given a pink slip and/or job layoff notice, like thousands of others caught in this recession 2011 nightmare; or where do you go even if you already have a great resume, and are just tired of being tripped up by the stumbling blocks associated with uploading resumes to countless internet job search data bases. You come here, to the Resume Energy section of the Clarity in Communication Blog. Here is a place where someone actually cares about your job search. My name is Ms. Gardner, and I am the founder of this blog. Resume Energy is a term I coined that describes a strategy I want to use to help those job hunting and job searching in today’s job market. Energy is everywhere. Energy causes things to happen. Join my blog and let’s combine energies; that is, your work history, your passion for life, and your career desires, with my experience as an expert resume writing specialist, to find the job you want, TO LIVE THE LIFE YOU WANT. I have some great ideas that I believe can help remake yourself and your resume, one TERRIFIC change at a time.


7 thoughts on “Here we go!

    • Hey my beautiful brother. Thanks for checking out this weeks blog. Stop by weekly, so that together we can create a growing online community of people who EMBRACE the “energy” of change and not run away from it. If you need any help whatsoever with your job search campaign, I work with clients mostly by phone and sometimes via internet phone with video, so your physical location in the U.S. is not important. Need a competitive edge in this tight job market, email me. My services are absolutley free. Remember, the Clarity in Communication Project is an online experiment.

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